Blogs and essential resources

Individual Blogs

Category Blog details
ML Engineering Chip Huyen - realtime ml systems, author of Designing Machine Learning Systems
ML Engineering Eugene Yan - productionising ml at scale
Data Engineering Seattle Data Guy / Benjamin Rogojan - Data science, data engineering and consulting. Also: youtube, website
ML/DL Andrej Karpathy - deep nnets on large data
ML/DL Christopher Olah - reverse engineering nnets
ML/DL Non_Interactive - software and ml by James Betker
Blockchain Vitalik Buterin - ethereum and crypto-economics
Career Irrational Exuberance - writing by Will Larson, author of Staff Engineer: Leadership beyond the management track
Career StaffEng - stories about operating in Staff/Principal roles, also by Will Larson
Career No Idea - notes by Tanya Reilly, author of The Staff Engineer’s Path
Career The Pragmatic Engineer - technology newsletter by Gergely Orosz; youtube channel; book coming soon
Productivity James Clear - habits, creativity and productivity, author of Atomic Habits
Productivity Jim Collins - researcher of what makes great companies tick, author of Good to Great
Science Preposterous Universe Research - universe, time, entropy, quantum etc by Sean Carroll
Random Wait But Why - ai, psychology, space, everything by Tim Urban
Random xkcd - awesomeness! by Randall Munroe author of What If?

Company & Organisation Blogs

Category Blog details
ML/DL Open AI BLog - AI research and deployment company
ML/DL Hugging Face Blog - Democratising ml
ML/DL ML Research - ML research
ML/DL - Reverse engineering transformer language models (Chris Olah et al), also: youtube
ML/DL - Clear, dynamic and vivid ML research (Chris Olah et al, 2016-2021)
ML Towards Data Science - General data science
Rationality LessWrong Library - Improving decision-making
Science Quanta Magazine Blog; Quanta Magazine Videos - Science, math, physics, compsci

Essential Resources

Category Resource
Python Calm Code Python Data Tutes
ML/DL Neural Networks and Deep Learning book by Michael Nielsen
ML/DL Intro to quantum computing and mechanics book by Michael Nielsen